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All of us here at the Canine Club Academy are where we are at, because like you, we had a passion for dogs. Wherever you are right now, we want you to know that we believe in you, and understand where you’re coming from. We wouldn’t be where we are today if someone hadn’t once believed in us. And because we know that kind of special mentor is sometimes hard to find, we’ve chosen to come together and create what we wish had existed back when we were searching for a way to turn our passion for dogs into a lifetime career.


Whatever aspect of canine care interests you, we hope our collective experience will help you to experience all the benefits and financial rewards of working as a dog professional, and avoid any potential pitfalls and problems. Join us on the journey of a lifetime: a career as a Canine Club professional!


The Canine Club Academy offers you a unique learning solution that is customized and convenient for you, while giving you direct access to the knowledge and experience of our Authors and the personal help and attention of your very own Tutor. Online education has quickly become the preferred method of study for individuals around the world who are looking for additional skills to enable them to make more money, start successful careers, turn a favorite interest into something more rewarding or accomplish a personal quest for self improvement.


Learn on your own time, in your own home and at your own pace.


Distance learning programs have been available from a variety of providers for some time, but it is the interaction and immediacy of the web that have revolutionized modern study methodology.


Our commitment to providing the highest quality training program has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems, which allow you to learn in the way that works best for you, while receiving constant personalized attention. The continuing achievements of our students and the professional recognition and external validation of our programs is a testimony to the high quality of instruction.


The "Certification Course in Dog Training” offers you a convenient and fun alternative to a conventional classroom for training in professional dog care. We offer one of the most thorough home study courses in canine care that is available. And because our course is focused on the projects and exercises that will really help you learn, and not on memorizing textbook facts, you'll find yourself looking forward to "school," not dreading it.


Our course brings you everything you need to achieve the success you want.


Although some conventional schools run dog training, grooming, and other correspondence courses as a sideline, we have specialized in teaching canine care solely by the home study method, online using the internet. The days of corresponding via video or audio tapes, CD's or DVD's or paperwork through the mail are over. Our methodology gives the student fast access to a personal tutor via email and phone, enabling a student - teacher relationship that resembles a close mentor more than an impersonal classroom.


The Canine Club Academy - your partner to a better & brighter future.


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"I had an idea that there would be a lot of business once we had credentials and could market ourselves effectively. Well, I was right! To give a little background..."
Angie (and Dave) from Ithaca, NY

"I’ve been studying EVERYTHING about dogs ever since I adopted my rescue, so some of the modules were review for me. But I really appreciated the quality..."
Craig from Fresno, CA

"I'm a freelance writer living in Boston. About 12 months ago, I started an informal dog walking service. I took the course because..."
Lindsey Freeman from Boston, MA
   Every year, countless pets are relinquished by their owners or rescued from the streets and brought to shelters. We believe that every pet should have a family and a forever home. To help these animals find loving homes, the
CanineClub Academy donates a portion of all proceeds to Animal Shelters and Pet Rescues.
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One of the most important aspects of the Course is helping you make money doing what you enjoy. A professionally designed logo and website for your new business is one of the first steps to being able to attract new clients.

You are also provided with various forms and unique marketing pieces (using your new logo) to give you a range of options to promote the services you offer.