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The Course is delivered online and consists of 14 modules, divided into two sections. The first 10 modules will give you a solid foundation for handling and training dogs, and results in your "Dog Training Certification." The last four modules will take you step-by-step through the process of starting your own home-based dog business in one or more areas of your interest.


Module 1: History & Psychology of Dogs

Lesson 1: History and Evolution of the Domestic Dog
The Evolution of Dogs
Ancient and Rare Breeds
Breathing New Life into Declining Breeds
Famous Dogs in History
Lesson 2: Specialization and Breeding
The History of Breeding
The Cutting Edge of New Dog Breeds
Breed-Specific Inherited Characteristics
Types of Dogs
Dogs with Jobs
Lesson 3: Dog Psychology
Developmental Stages of Dogs
Dog Intelligence
Ivan Pavlov and B.F. Skinner
The Alpha Dog - Fact or Myth?

Module 2: Dog Training -- From Theory To Practice

Lesson 1: Canine Training Theory
Defining the Owner-Pet Relationship
A Trained Dog Is a Happy Dog
Breathing New Life into Declining Breeds
Compulsion Training vs. Positive Reinforcement
Primary and Secondary Reinforcers
Lesson 2: Getting Started With Training
Basic Dog Training Equipment
Training Accessories
How Would You Like to be Choked or Shocked?
How to Use Your Clicker (or Your Voice or Hand Signals)
Teaching Your First Command
The Four Commands All Dogs Should Know
More Obedience Commands for Fun and Utility
Lesson 3: Developing and Fine-Tuning Your Training Style
Scoring a Dog’s Level of Obedience
Comparing Training Techniques and When to Use Them
Not Overreacting to Spontaneous Recovery
Teaching Your Dog to "Obey" -- and Not Just to Work for the Treat!!
How Long Does it Take to Train a Dog?
Obedience Training vs. Behavior Modification

Module 3: Basic Training for Puppies
                  (and their New Humans)

Lesson 1: Becoming Your Puppy’s Perfect Person
Proper Puppy/Owner Matching
Making Sure Your Puppy is Healthy
Personality Tests for Dogs
If You Want a Good Dog, You Must Become a Good Dog Owner
Helping Your Puppy Feel at Home
Lessons from the Pack: Becoming Pack Leader
Don’t be Shocked When Your Puppy Acts Like, Well a Puppy
Lesson 2: Puppy Training 101
Why You are the Best Trainer for Your Puppy
We Crate Train Our Puppies for Their Benefit
Learning How to Use the Leash and the Training Collar
How To Train A Puppy - The Essential Steps
Using Your Voice Correctly
You MUST Catch Him in the Act
Lesson 3: Taking Care of Your Puppy’s Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Needs
The Importance of an Initial Health Evaluation and Immunizations
Keeping Your Puppy Healthy
Puppy Socialization
Enriching Your Puppy’s Environment
Keep Your Puppy From Driving You Crazy
How to Find a Lost Dog

Module 4: Bringing out the Best in a Rescue Dog

Lesson 1: Laying the Foundation for Success
“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”
Different types of rescue organizations
A Match Made in Heaven
Helping Your Rescue Dog Feel Secure in Your Home
Getting Along with Children, Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets
Being Part of the Solution
Lesson 2: Training (or Re-Training) for Re-Homed Dogs
The Good, The Bad, and the Beautiful - Getting to Know Your New Dog
Developing a Relationship - The Only Way to Have a Friend is to Be One
Building Trust - Above All, Your Dog Wants a Great Leader
Begin at the Beginning - Obedience Training for Older Dogs
A Good Dog Trainer Never Needs to Use Bad Training Methods
How Training Will Help You, Your Dog, and Your Relationship
Lesson 3: Helping a Dog Recover from Trauma or Improper Socialization
Pooch on the Couch - Being Your Dog’s Psychologist
The Timid Dog
The Aggressive Dog
The Anxious Dog
The Hyperactive Dog
Canine Obsessions and Phobias
Developing a Strong Human/Dog Bond

Module 5: Health Care, Nutrition and First Aid

Lesson 1: Maintaining Proper Canine Health
Basic Dog Anatomy
A Well-Groomed Dog is a Healthy Dog
Common Behaviors that Signal Health Issues
Giving Medication Properly
Dealing with Pests and Parasites
Breed-Specific Health Problems
Special Considerations for Elderly Dogs
Lesson 2: Your Dog is What He Eats -- Nutrition and Diet
Canine Nutritional Requirements
Are Commercial Pet Foods Good for Your Dog?
Considering Homemade Food
Raw or Not?
Diets and Supplements for Dogs With Special Conditions
Doggie Gourmet - Make Your Own Dog Treats and Energy Bars
Lesson 3: Administering Basic First Aid and Going to the Vet
Giving Your Dog a Practice Vet Exam
Routine Visits to the Vet
Vaccines for Dogs that Don't Eat Off of Sterilized Plates
Tail Docking and Ear Cropping
Keep a Canine First Aid Kit
When Dogs Get Messy
Doggie 911 - Knowing a Few Simple Things Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Module 6: Identifying and Correcting Behavioral Problems

Lesson 1: The Roots of Behavioral Problems
“No Tail-wagging Allowed!”
Physical and Mental Exercise Will Solve Most Behavioral Problems
Evaluating a Dog For Behavioral Issues
When is a Personality Trait Not a Personality Trait?
Don’t Take it Out on the Dog!
Help for Canine Separation Anxiety
The Dominant Dog and The Cure
Lesson 2: Solving Common Issues
First, a Word About What NOT to Do
Top 12 Most Common Behavioral Problems - And the Solutions
The Root of Digging
Handling Potty Problems
Why Do Dogs Jump?
Why Do Dogs Whine?
Why Do Dogs Bark?
Why Do Dogs Chase?
The Escape Artist
Here is Something Interesting to Chew On
Ignoring Basic Obedience Commands Like "Sit"
Rebellious and Complaint Biting
Out of Control Begging
Is Walking Your Dog a Real “Drag?”
Lesson 3: Maintaining a Good Relationship While Disciplining
The Relationship Checking Account
Who is Misbehaving Here? Teaching the Humans
Choose Your Battles: Deal with One Problem at a Time
Love Your Dog Like He Loves You... in Spite of Your Problems

Module 7: Raising the Bar
                  - Advanced Training That Fits the Dog

Lesson 1: Finding and Developing Your Dog’s Strengths
A Busy Dog is a Happy Dog
The World of Canine Occupations
What Job Was Your Dog Born to Do?
Who’s Up for a Game of “Pass the Seaweed?”
Making Playtime Fun for Your Dog -- AND For You
Lesson 2: Is Your Dog a Circus Dog? Simple and Advanced Tricks
Every Dog - Young and Old - Can Learn New Tricks
Advanced Tricks
Funny Tricks
Teaching Tricks for Agility
Another Fun Business Idea
Lesson 3: Taking Your Dog to the Pro Level
Competitive Dog Obedience Training, Trials, and Titles
Agility Training at Home for Your Dog
Is Your Dog a Show Dog?
When Dogs Heal
Specialized Trials and Training for Specific Breeds
Specialized Dog Training - Helping Dogs do Serious Jobs

Module 8: The Business Toolkit and Marketing Strategies

Lesson 1: Direct Mailers and Traditional Marketing
Marketing vs Advertising
Overview of the Marketing Materials
How to Customize and Use Your Marketing Materials
Reaching the Right Prospects
USPS Every Door Direct Mail(TM)
The Yellow Pages and Newspaper Advertising
How to Approach Local Businesses to Hang Fliers
Local Business Newsletters and Fliers
Co-Op and Coupon Ads
Lesson 2: Social Marketing and Getting Found On-Line
All Roads Lead to Your URL
Getting Found Locally
Free Website Submission and Online Pet Directories
Leveraging Online Social Media Tools and Blogs
Using Twitter
Web-based Search Advertising
Article Writing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Lesson 3: Sales 101
The Art of Soft Selling
Persuade and Sell Using Urgency
Anticipating and Handling Objections
How to “Tell About Yourself”
Benefits not Features
The “Free Consultation”
Ask for the Businesses
After the First Time

Module 9: Landing a Job in the Dog Industry

Lesson 1: Create Your Resumé
Your Resumé is an Advertisement of You
The 7 Second Rule and Selecting an Appropriate Format and Design
10 Tips to Create a Killer Resumé
Create Multiple Resumés
Compile Professional References
Export to PDF and also Create an Internet Version
Start to Finish -- Bringing it All Together
Lesson 2: Finding and Applying for the Right Job
Career Paths in the Pet Industry
Where Picture Yourself in Five Years?
The Most Important Step to Getting Hired -- Applying
Where to Look for Jobs
Your Key to Getting the Interview: The Cover Letter
Track the Jobs You Apply For
Tell Everyone You Are Looking for a Job
Just Start Calling Employers
Focus on the One
Lesson 3: The Interview
Companies Post Jobs Because They Need to Hire Someone
The “Process” Is a Company’s Established Relationship Building Practice
The Interviewer is Part Matchmaker and Part Detective
The Stages of the Hiring Process
The Initial Phone Screen is not the Time to Ask for a Company Car
Preparing for the First Interview
Staying In Control and Making the Right Impression
Finishing Strong: Making It to the Offer
The Hiring Process Doesn’t End When You Get Hired

Module 10: The CanineClub Professional

Lesson 1: Keys to Becoming a True Professional
A Professional is a Helpful Resource, Not a Pushy Salesperson
Take Every Opportunity to Volunteer and Speak at Public Events
Never Talk Badly About Your Competition
A Note About Competing on Price
Your Reputation is Your Most Valuable Asset
Joining Professional Associations
A Word About The Dog Park
The Right (and the Wrong) Way to Ask for
A True Professional Never Stops Learning
Lesson 2: The Administrative Side of Running a Business
Forming and Registering Your Business
Permits and Licenses Requirements for Home Dog Businesses
Do You Need to be Bonded and Insured?
Record Keeping and Bookkeeping
Invoicing Customers and When to Get Paid
Accounts Methods and Cash Flow
Accepting Credit Card as a Payment Method
Deducting Business Expenses
Preparing and Filing Taxes
Lesson 3: Managing Growth and Hiring Help
Increasing Your Revenue by Combining Services
Selling Extra Products and Dog Product Suppliers
Focus on Your Best Customers
Managing Customer Complaints
Knowing When to Hire Help
Independent Contractor vs Employee
Using Freelance Designers to Develop New Marketing Materials

Business Module 1: Doggie Daycare

Lesson 1: How to Start a Doggie Daycare
Doggie Daycare Overview and Earning Potential
Equipment Checklist and Calculating Start-Up Costs
Local Bylaws that Could Affect Daycares
Developing Safety and Health Policies
How to Set Your Fees
Lesson 2: Running Your Daycare
Design and Layout Considerations of Your Daycare
Conducting a Consultation with a New Client
What Do the Dogs Do All Day?
Safe Play and Recommended Games
Dealing with Difficult Dogs
Maintaining Control Over the Pack
Emergency First Aid

Business Module 2: Dog Walking Service

Lesson 1: How to Start a Dog Walking Service
Dog Walking Service Overview and Earning Potential
Equipment Checklist of Calculating Start-Up Costs
Local Bylaws that Could Affect Dog Walkers
How to Set Your Fees
Lesson 2: The Walk -- Before, During, and After
Conducting a Consultation with a New Dog Walking Client
How to Assess If a Dog Is Suited for Group Dog Walks
The Walk – Before, During, and After
Dealing with Difficult Dogs and Maintaining Control Over the Pack
On the Walk Emergency First Aid
Introduce and Supervise Off-leash Play Time with Dogs

Business Module 3: Behavioral Counseling

Lesson 1: How to Start Offering Behavioral Counseling
Behavioral Counseling Overview and Earning Potential
Equipment Checklist of Calculating Start-Up Costs
How to Set Your Fees
Lesson 2: Private Behavioral Counseling
Conducting a Consultation with a New Client
Setting Expectations and Realistic Goals
Presenting a Personalized Plan of Action
Deciding Which Tools are Appropriate
Homework and Follow-up for the Owner

Business Module 4: Pet Sitting and Other Services

Lesson 1: How to Start a Pet Sitting Service
Pet Sitting Service Overview and Earning Potential
Different Services to Bundle with Pet Sitting
How to Set Your Fees
Lesson 2: Managing Your Pet Sitting Service
Learn About Each Dog/Pet
Handling Challenging Dogs/Owners
Pet Sitting as an Add-On




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